A hank smith CD

Surely your family never fights. I am guessing all car rides are peaceful and there is only inclusion and kind words all of the time, right? Well, our family has had a brief lapse in perfection (okay, maybe not so brief), but with the new year upon us, we really wanted to have more harmony and love inside our home. Sometimes, with only boys, it can be easy to say, “They are fine,” because they usually seem fine, but for a bit there, everyone was constantly annoyed by each other, throwing each other under the bus, and just generally not being so nice.

We have improved things for sure and one of our favorite catalysts was listening to this Hank Smith CD in the car together while driving to and from grandma’s house. For one, he had us all laughing out loud, so much so that we forgot we were even learning, and for two, he had us all reflecting on how we could be better family members why it is important to love each other more obviously. By the end of the car ride, each of us, parents included, were trying to figure out how we could change to make our home the happiest place it could possibly be. Hank helped us remember that really, we are all in this together, and we are oh so lucky to have each other.

I would highly recommend this for your family! Listen to it all together…I promise it will make a difference. It is ideal for tweens and teens, but almost just as great for all those 8 and up and adults too. We had an awesome conversation about things afterward and Hank’s thoughts opened up a lot of great discussion for us. If you listen to it, I would love to know what you think! You can find it HERE for $11.99.

(This is not a sponsored post, we really loved it that much 🙂