I am not a crafting mama. In fact, it is one of my least favorite ways to spend time with my kids. I am just not good at it, and everything I try to make on my own or with them seems to turn out sub par. So, when I heard that my 3rd grader had a “Build Your Own Business Day” and we could not bake anything or spend much…I was a little frantic.

Then I remembered that we know how and love to make Harry Potter wands. They are basically fool proof, cheap and actually pretty fun to make; plus, boys and girls enjoy them. We decided to make 52 of them, so it was rather exciting to try out lots of new designs and…they were a huge success! When it comes to artsy type things, my kids never have anything cool, so we were pretty pumped when Parker made the 2nd most money in the class, after the awesome kid who served cotton candy made from Jolly Ranchers…Wow.

Last summer, one of our great babysitters taught us how to make them, and  I posted a tutorial on my blog here.

I thought I would share this with my new readers…especially those moms looking for an easy school or craft project with their boys (or girls)!