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I LOVE reading books to my kids. It’s one thing that we all enjoy doing together. Hands down, our favorite series has been the Underland Chronicles aka Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins. It was fantastic. My sons were 5,7, and 9 at the time, and it engaged everyone…including neighbor kids that would wander in and out during our reading time, and my husband who didn’t want us to read without him. I think girls would think it was pretty great too (I did!). The ideal age group would probably be 7-15, but it works for those younger and older.

If you are planning a big drive, this is the series to read to the group or listen to on CD. You will all love it. We talked a lot about judging others, love, loyalty, war, consequences, sacrifice, and honesty while we were reading. One warning…as the books go on in the series there is a decent amount of violence (fantastical but still violence), especially in books 4 and 5; decide if your clan is ready for it.

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