I love to read to my kids. As they’ve gotten older, it has been pure joy to read books together that we all love. Over the Thanksgiving break we finished Skinnybones by Barbara Park. Saying we loved it would be an understatement. There were times during the book that I was laughing too hard to read and my boys were rolling on the floor in hysterics and my husband chuckled in the background. The only thing better than reading as a family is reading AND laughing together.

The book is short, just over 100 pages, and it’s about a 5th grade boy who has rotten genetic luck but makes up for it in his enormous personality, humor, and creativity. It is not much of a lesson teacher or life changer but a book to be enjoyed. I think those 8 and older would love it (even up to teens and adults). It may be geared more for boys but girls would enjoy it too. Small warning, there is a small bit of crude humor, lying, disrespect and bullying that might bother you if you are a sensitive reader or have younger children, but it was fine for our family. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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