In our home we talk about kindness A LOT. We try to model it in our interactions with people. We try to catch our boys when they are being mean and make them take notice, apologize and change. We try to catch them when they are being kind and notice and compliment. But, sometimes, they are still unkind…

It takes constant reminders and examples and some of our boys need the reminders more than others. I never realized how rigorous this whole parenting thing would turn out to be! Am I right? Recently we watched this video together that seemed to really hit home. I saw a little light go on in my 11 year old’s brain as he started to connect how words and actions affect others. I honestly believe that often kids (especially young ones) don’t set out to be mean or really hurt someone, they just don’t take the time to process what they are doing and the effect it will have. After this video there was a deeper understanding. Hopefully, when a situation like this arises, my boys will remember this video and be the change . Take a minute to watch it with your kids tonight and chat about it…the more kindness in the world, the better!
To see the video, click HERE!