We usually split Valentine’s Day celebrations down the middle. Sometimes we go out for a romantic night away, and other times we stay in and celebrate family love. I don’t think every holiday needs to be about the kids, but if you do choose to stay in, here are some ideas that made the night fun and meaningful all at the same time!


Take a Family Valentine’s Quiz

This was such a fun way to help our kids get to know us before we were just mom and dad! There are two versions, so you can add to their knowledge each year. We got a prize for the one who got the most answers right! It was a blast to talk about those first days and make sure our kids understood where our love started. Throw out a few early photos of you dating and your wedding pictures for an extra visual!

Love Pass

Cut our paper hearts and put names on the top or in the center of each one. Have each person in the family write what they love most about that person.

Heart Stack

We love a little competition, so we got the conversation hearts and competed to see who could stack them the highest.

M & M Suck

We got the Valentine M & Ms and tried to move as many as possible from one plate to another in 60 seconds. Another fun, quick, competitive game.


For dinner we had heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s (get it early in the day!!), strawberries, and raspberry sherbet mixed with sprite for a festive drink.

The evening was easy, quick, inexpensive and full of love. Just the way I like our traditions!!