Many of you read this post when there were only 40 books, but now there are over 70 books for boys recommended by boys and that doesn’t even include all the books in each series…with those there are hundreds of books for boys to enjoy this summer and beyond! For those who are new to the blog, this is a great list to get your boys into books. As moms, we often assume that our boys will like the same books we enjoy or enjoyed; sometimes this is true, but often we are way off, so give a few of these books a try and see if it helps spark your child’s desire to read. Many genres are included, so find one that suits your child best.

One note…MANY of these books are great for girls too. I have focused on boys because that is all I have in my house and all I really know.

We have added a lot of great ones for the early readers and for the more advanced and older readers too. I love that this list sorts by reading level and age appropriateness. Our list keeps growing and growing, so check back often. Thank you for your awesome suggestions…we are ready to read our way through the summer!

For the full, updated list, click HERE!