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Fundraising for schools is a necessary evil. We all hate purchasing marked up items we don’t need, hitting up neighbors and collecting cash, but we all love making sure our school is funded well.
Lucky for us, there are quite a few companies out there making it easier than ever to earn money by just doing our regular shopping. You shop….your school profits, a serious win/win! If your school has not signed up or maximized these fantastic cash offerings, now is the time!
AMAZON SMILE: Amazon gives .5% of all purchases made through the Amazon Smile link back to charities. Imagine what your school could earn this December! Setting it up for your school is super simple, just get the link and the word out and start earning. The money is deposited directly into the PTA account. Have questions? See the link HERE.
KROGER EARN AND LEARN: This is another GREAT way to earn money for your school. By simply linking your shoppers card to your school, your school earns money every time someone grocery shops. Just head to this LINK , and select your school!
TARGET REDCARD: If you shop at Target and have a red card, Target generously offers 1% of each purchase to your school. Imagine what that could do over the holidays. You can head HERE to link your card if you haven’t already.
BOX TOPS: Don’t throw away those Box Tops! General Mills offers 10 cents for every box top turned in. What sounds small often means new computers and reams of paper. Tearing those out is absolutely worth it.
SCHWANN’S: Schawann’s runs a program called Swann’s Cares where they donate serious cash back to your school over a 45 day period. It’s pretty great, you don’t have to cook, and money is sent to your school! Check out all the options HERE.
RESTAURANT NIGHT: Many local restaurants offer fundraising opportunities for schools, so ask around. Typically the school can earn 10-20% of what is sold during the night. It can also be a great way to get your school community together. For a list of popular restaurants that are happy to hold fundraising nights, click HERE.
All of these options are incredibly easy with little or no out of pocket expense for the school. Don’t hesitate asking grandparents or neighbors to sign up for your school under their Amazon, Target, or Grocery Store account…and tell them that you collect Box Tops too! A little extra effort from everyone can bring great income and positive change to our schools!
(If you would like a copy of the email we sent to our parents, shoot me a message and I will send it to you!)