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I have been so excited to share about my new book, 52 Modern Manners for Teens!

It is finally available for order and will be shipping mid-October.

I wrote it for many reasons, but mostly because I saw a need in my own teens and their friends for a little more direction.

You will find a few of my favorite tips previewed on the back cover below!

The only thing harder than parenting a teen in this digital age is being a teen in this digital age. So I created a book full of creative and crucial tips for teens to help both parents and teenagers navigate our modern world with confidence.

One unanticipated consequence of personal technology devices is the crippling effect they can have on teens’ ability to relate to others and be present in the world around them. With eyes down or headphones in much of the time, our teens miss critical life lessons that would otherwise be picked up through daily interactions. 

If that’s not enough, our teens today are expected to figure out the do’s and don’ts of an online presence and virtual connections without much guidance. There’s a lot that needs to be taught deliberately to give them the best chance for success. 

The good news? Teaching teens these tips can be simple and connective with a little guidance from the book. Choose one tip per week to talk about and work on. Display the tip in your home or classroom, take a photo and text it to your kids, or if they prefer to learn on their own, let them read the calendar like a book. Each tip comes with helpful examples to illustrate each important point and ideas to get a discussion started. 

Have younger kids at home? Great! Talking about these modern etiquette tips can be helpful and fun for the whole family. No one is too old or too young for self-reflection and improvement, and working together always beats a parent  lecture (I promise, just ask your teen…).

If you are having trouble getting buy-in, just keep sharing and teaching. They might not act like they are listening, but they are learning more than they are willing to admit, and most really do want to create a life they are proud of—just maybe not while you are watching!

The book is 8 x 8 with a spiral binding and stands with a triangle base so you you easily display it, so it is reinforced in your home! The tip is on the front, and a little more info is on the back! I promise, you need this book in your life!

I can’t wait to hear how these tips transform your home and prepare your kids and teens for a successful life in this modern world. 

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To order your copy, click HERE!