I have had so many questions about great books to gift boys this season, so I thought I would share a few favorites that everyone has loved lately! I have another list that shares other awesome books but these top our current list right now! And yes, girls would love these books too…I just don’t have any girls to test them on!


You can click on the title and Amazon can usually get books to you pretty quickly…hopefully before Christmas, or take the list to a local bookstore and find a few favorites!


Who Was Books

These books are so much fun for early and middle grade readers and a great way to learn about people from history! They are easy to read and engaging and so inexpensive and cover hundreds of interesting personalities. ($3.50-$5.50).

When Stars are Scattered 

In my opinion, one of the best graphic novels out there. Absolutely fantastic in every way and my 4th grader loved learning more about refugee camps and what life is like there. He was noticeably more grateful after reading it. ($10)



Ways to Make Sunshine

My 10 year old read this over the summer and absolutely loved it. It is positive and fun and helps kids understand how to make the best of any situation. An awesome book. ($8)



The Crossover

This is a highly engaging book about basketball, life, and love that was absolutely phenomenal. My teens read it, my 10 year old read it, and I read it and we all just loved it. Great for ages 10 and up with brilliant writing and a heart warming message. ($9)

Hello Universe 

Such a sweet story from 3 different perspectives that will keep your kids wanting more. Great for 4th-8th grade! ($9)



Mustaches for Maddie

Every person I recommend this book to absolutely LOVES it. My kids all tore through it in their elementary years and the story is empowering and wonderfully written. A home run for sure. ($8)



Such a great book for helping kids realize who they really want to be and that they have the power to become someone who makes a difference in small yet important ways. A book that even reluctant readers love. Great for 9 and up. ($7)



Keeper of the Lost Cities

If you have a Harry Potter fan who just can’t find the next series to love, this is it! So much action, magic, and fun, this will keep them busy all of Christmas break! Great for 4th grade and up or those who are strong readers. ($5)


All Thirteen

If you have a kiddo who loves non-fiction this is a great book about the cave rescue of the Thai soccer team. Our family loved listening to it, but it would also make a great read for 5th grade and up! ($20)

A Night Divided

This is an incredible book about a family in Berlin during the time of the Berlin wall. Most of my boys have read this book and absolutely adored it. They couldn’t stop talking or thinking about it. I loved it too! Good for strong 4th grade readers and up. ($8)


Boys in the Boat (young reader edition) 

My boys from 11 to teens absolutely enjoyed this book and I adored the full version. It is an incredibly inspiring story that is also addictive and fun to read. Highly recommended. ($10)



City Spies

This book is super fun with all kinds of plot twists, turns and mystery. It is fast paced and witty and I love the misfit characters from all different backgrounds. Great for later elementary school, but I think middle schoolers would thoroughly enjoy it too!


Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

This is a great, newer series for boys written by the ever popular John Grisham. He knows how to keep readers engaged in a courtroom drama and has kept it fun and age appropriate for younger reader. Great for 10 and up! ($10)


The False Prince

My middle schooler absolutely loved this trilogy and I loved it too. Everyone I know who has read it, has loved it regardless of genre preference. Just a good, clean book that keeps you reading! ($7)



The Wendals

Just a great, clean, adventurous story that boys absolutely love! Perfect for the middle school years! ($15)

Have You Seen Luis Velez?

One of my favorite reads this year, so I gave it to my 9th grader and he read it in just a few days. It is the sweetest story about a teen doing good and finding himself through it. A fantastic read for middle school and up! ($10)


The Orphan Keeper

This is an incredible, based on a true story book that tweens, teens, and young adults will find hard to believe. It’s impossible to put it down and leaves you with so much hope. ($16)


Called Upon

This was a super fun book for teens that feels current and super relevant. When my 14 year old finished his reaction was, “No! There has to be another one!” which is always a good sign. A few curse words and some romance but nothing inappropriate. Great for 13 and up for a fun, can’t put down read. ($15)



The Last Thing I Remember

This is an intense book about a boy with amnesia. It is fun with plot twists and lots of suspense. A little more mature, so great for high school readers. ($9)


When Breath Becomes Air

This is one of my favorite books, and I gave it to my high schoolers and they quickly agreed. The subject matter is difficult and deep, but the story is absolutely beautiful and incredible. ($15)


The Deceit of Riches by [Val M Karren, V M Karren]

The Deceit of Riches

This is for sure for your older readers that are up for an intricate but well written story that keeps them invested but guessing. I have a lot of people who want high reading level and interest level books for their older kids that are still clean and this is a great option! The first book in the series!

I hope these help you round out your gift giving this year!!  To find more great book options, click HERE! If you are looking for gifts for teen boys, click HERE! 


*I am an affiliate for many of the links on this page; however, I only recommend things we truly love.