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I love games. Mike thinks they are okay, and my kids range from thinking they are mediocre to amazing. But, it is so much more fun to play games than watch movies, so I have had to be very particular about the games we play. One thing I have noticed with my boys is that they like playing games that keep moving…if we have to wait too long for anyone to decide on strategy, they are wrestling when it is not their turn or throwing a ball to each other and I get frustrated very quickly when that starts to happen.
So, these are the games that have passed the Romney boy test. They all move quickly enough to keep us engaged, and kids and adults find them enjoyable. Many are classics, but there are a few awesome new ones out too. I would love to hear the games your family loves. Can’t wait to add them to our rotation!
Wackee Six Card Game
This is a new game to our family. Similar to the card game Nertz, Wackee Six makes everything a bit more simple so the younger ones can play too. It is best for 3-6 players (You can play in teams and have up to 12 playing. Teams are a good option if younger ones want to play, but not for adults). The game is simple, super quick, competitive and lots of fun for kids and adults. ($25)
This is a dice game that even the 3 year olds can participate in. You just roll the dice until you get all of a certain number. It is fast moving and everyone is engaged at the same time. A great option for a family game night. One Tenzi tube is for 4 players but Tenzi is fun for 2 players on up. I think the more the merrier with this one. ($14)
Ruckus - Family
Ruckus is a card matching and stealing game that moves super fast. We all love it. Great for 3-6 players. ($12)
If you have a family that likes math or a bit of a spacial challenge, this game is so much fun. It can get a little intense on the strategy side, so if you want things to keep moving, you may want to time each turn. It teaches such great concepts while you are having fun together. The only downside is that you really need to play it with 4 players, no more, no less. ($20)
This is the greatest game for the little ones in your family! It is BINGOesque but so much more fun. Our 3 year old loves it, but our 11 year old is happy to play too. I also love this game because 2 people can have fun playing or more are welcome, perfect for when I am home with my toddler. ($19)
This is a new marble strategy game that can be super quick, or you can keep score and turn it into a longer game. It is a little luck and a little strategy, so it puts everyone on equal footing. It is a fun way to mix up your play. ($18)
Our whole family LOVED this game last year. There is a little strategy, but not so much that it ruins the fun for younger players. It also teaches great sequencing skills. ($13)
There is something about this classic game that keeps us all happy to wait for our turn. It is simple, but requires a little thought and lots of good counting practice. To keep people engaged from the beginning, let everyone start with one player on the board. ($8)
If you have kids 6 and under, this is an awesome counting game. We played it for hours when my older ones were little. It’s about time to get it out again! ($9)
This game came out when I was a kid; I loved it then and my kids love it now. It is so nice to have a game that is fun to play with only 2 players. ($24)
Another game that only needs 2 players and is perfect for a little older audience. ($13)
This is the card game that really can’t be beat. It is a family classic. Best for 3 or more players. ($6)
This word finding game is great once kids start to read…challenging and fun all at the same time. Can be played with 2 or more players. ($15)
We love getting the dice out for a quick game of Yahtzee. My 3 older ones really understand the concept now, so it’s pretty fun. Love that this one can be played with only 2 players. ($15)
All 3 of my boys always want to play Life. I enjoy how it helps them understand the concept of money/sacrifice/luck/education in their pretend world. We have found it goes the best if I am just the banker…keeps things moving. ($22)
This is a one person game where you race against the clock. It is great fun! ($11)
Party Games 
(these games are better with 4 or more players and are great with a crowd)
Probably our overall favorite family game. This is timed charades and we have been playing it since the kids were little and love to bring it out when we have company. It brings out the goofy and competitive side in everyone! ($38)
Apples to Apples Junior - The Game of Crazy Combinations!
This can be a super funny game when it is played right. Best with at least 6 players and the most fun when someone keeps the game moving. ($33)
The old version (non-electronic) is easy enough for a younger crowd. This is a great one for a large group! ($40)
Making up the definitions to crazy words is a lot of fun, and this game keeps everyone thinking the whole time. A great way to mix things up. ($33)
This one has been around forever, but it is still a ton of fun. Works best with at least 6 people and is great for a crowd. ($20)
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