Grades and school effort can get a little tricky as kids move into the teen years.

It can be even harder when different kids have different strengths and school comes more easily to some than others.

But these questions aren’t about grades but about effort and taking personal responsibility which is important regardless of the path you choose to pursue.

Feel free to change them up to what works best for your family, but if you like them as is, we have created printables you can hang in bedrooms or classrooms!

I’ve found that something concrete and visual often helps remind my kids of expectations.

And if they can honestly answer yes to these questions, it’s a good reminder that as parents we need to be satisfied that they have personally done all they can do. And if it isn’t enough to master concepts and understand, some systems might need to change or extra help might be necessary.

There are always exceptions and people these won’t work for, but hopefully these will help in your grade and homework discussions!

To print these, just right click and save, then print. The first option prints in an 8 x 10 format. The second option prints in an 18 x 24 format.