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I like me anyway:

embracing imperfection, connection and Christ

by Brooke Romney

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No one wants to feel...


Purposeless and without direction as you move through life.


Disconnected from yourself, others, and the divine.


Stagnant in your faith and progress.

I Like Me Anyway: Embracing Imperfection, Connection, and Christ is a must read for any woman who has ever felt uncertain of her own worth, path or importance. This engaging, relatable book will fill you with confidence and purpose in your own unique story and give you the motivation and tools to become the woman you were always meant to be.

Get immersed in accessible, relatable stories and delightful writing.

This fast-paced book will suddenly feel like the best friend you have needed in your womanhood and motherhood journey.

Are you ready to feel an abundance of...

  • Purpose
  • Confidence
  • Contentment
  • Motivation
  • Assurance
  • Forgiveness
  • Connection
  • Love
  • Perspective
  • Joy

This book will fill you with both contentment and the tools for actual, practical change that improves your life and spirit on a daily basis.

I know how it feels to

  • Wonder about your worth and purpose.
  • Think perfection in motherhood is the only acceptable option.
  • Get stuck in a comparison trap and forget your own unique gifts.
  • Try to be everything, yet still feel empty.
  • Distance yourself from others and God.
  • Live in a scarcity mindset, always thinking there isn't enough.
  • Judge others yet need large amounts of grace.
  • Wish for the ideal instead of being content with the real.

I Like Me Anyway shares all the perspective I wish I would have had during difficult times and offers hope in the midst of uncertainty. Each reader will walk away with confidence and purpose in her own unique path through stories that will engage you and lessons that will change you. The exercises at the end of each chapter ensure that what you learn is solidified and put into action instead of forgotten on your nightstand.


"Some books tell an engaging story, other books change your life. This one does both."


"For years I have had the pleasure of preparing Brooke Romney’s columns for publication and have witnessed firsthand her words’ ability to speak directly to people’s hearts. They are words that resonate because of their honesty and Brooke’s willingness to be vulnerable with the reader. She doesn’t claim to be something she is not but instead opens up about her weaknesses and imperfections, somehow managing to make you as the reader simultaneously feel as though you might be doing better than you previously thought while also instilling a desire to be better. She strikes this delicate balance because simply through words on a page, Brooke becomes your friend. It is my belief that this book will become a friend to many, helping readers through bumps in the road and rough patches just as Brooke’s columns and blogs have done for so many for years.

—Morgan Jones,

Content Producer and Writer

"One of the things I love most about Brooke’s writing is her ability to meet each of us in the trenches of motherhood and daily life and walk with us through. Brooke challenges the concept of perfectionism in a way that invites each of us to more fully embrace the life that is ours with all of its imperfections and find contentment there. Her genuine approach to connection with Christ and the vulnerability within the stories she shares invite you to consider how to walk away from perfection and love the life that is already yours."

—Emily Belle Freeman,

Bestselling Author of Grace Where You Are

"I respect and admire Brooke Romney because she's so refreshingly authentic. This sweet book hit the spot and made me want to be a better person. I couldn't put it'll love it."

—Jane Clayson Johnson,

Journalist and Bestselling Author of Silent Souls Weeping

"If a book could be your best friend, this is it. Wherever you are on your perfectly imperfect journey, Brook Romney lovingly designed this book to make a difference in your daily life. Relatable real-life stories on every page will remind you of your worth, your power, and the overflowing grace you can access right now. Simple exercises at the end of each chapter give practical ideas for increasing your personal peace. If you have ever felt overwhelmed, underprepared, or out of your league in life, I can’t recommend this book enough."

—Emily Orton,

Author of Seven at Sea.

“In this book, Brooke Romney ministers to our spirits: she reminds us we are valuable and enough, exactly as we are. Through genuine sharing, Brooke gives us courage to be perfectly imperfect on our unique journeys to be all that we can be.”

—Michelle Torsak,

Director of Content, Time Out for Women


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