While writing is my first love, it is sure fun to be able to share my thoughts and ideas on TV Segments and Podcasts! Check out the segments and interviews here…let me know if you have a favorite!

Called to Create: An LDSPMA Podcast-Brooke Romney Light, Purpose, Joy

Parents Navigating the Teen Years-68: The Complicated Relationship Between Teens & Social Media

Talking To Teens: Expert Tips for Parenting Teenagers – Ep 254: Life Skills for Connecting with Others

Faith Matters- Parenting with Grace — A Conversation with Brooke Romney

Streaking with Brooke Romney – 52 Manners and More

Mint Arrow Podcast with Brooke Romney: Modern Manners for Today’s Teens

Manners matter! All polite teens should learn these 7 lessons (Studio 5)

Intentional Relationship Training with Brooke Romney (Sit With Me: A Connection Experiment Meg Martin)

2018 Best Screen Free Gifts for Boys (Studio 5)

Trimming Your Traditions (Studio 5)

My Grandmother’s Pearl Necklace (Studio 5)

Redefining what Fun Means to your Kids (Studio 5)

How To Be a Friend Instead of Just Friendly (3 in 30 Podcast)

Taking Charge of Technology (Capturing Joy with Kristin Duke Podcast)

Being the Relief Society President the Lord Needs you to be (Leading LDS Podcast)

Getting to Know Brooke Romney (The Peculiar People Podcast)

Raising Life Long Learner by Paying Less Attention to Grades (Studio 5)

A Like This Read That Book List for Kids (Studio 5)

Why I Won’t Quit Social Media (Studio 5)

The Meal Planning System that Makes Dinnertime Easy (Studio 5)

The 2017 Gift Guide for Boys (Studio 5)

How To Talk to Kids About Tech (Studio 5)

A Unique Perspective on Kids and Kindness (Studio 5)

The Mom’s Guide to Middle School (Studio 5)

Don’t Just Be Friendly, Be a Friend (Studio 5)

The Effect of Social Media on Self-Esteem (Studio 5)

A Winter Activity for the Whole Neighborhood (Studio 5)

The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Boys (Studio 5)

The Impact of Showing Gratitude for Your Spouse (Studio 5)

You Can Be a Parent and a Friend (Studio 5)

Coming Up with an Extended Family Motto (Studio 5)

Great Gifts to Welcome New Neighbors (Studio 5)

Making Friends After a Move (Studio 5)

You Are What Your Kids Need (Studio 5)

A Back to School Letter for Your Kids (Fox 13)

How To Get Boys Excited About Reading (Fox 13)

Ideas On How To Welcome Your New Neighbors (Fox 13)

6 Things Parents Should Know Before they Let their Kids on Instagram (Fox 13)