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52 Modern Manners for Today’s Teens

The only thing harder than parenting a teen is being a teen. This 52 week calendar of creative and crucial tips for teens will help both parents and teenagers navigate our modern world with confidence. It’s clear, concise, and the perfect catalyst for important conversations. This book has blessed over 100,000 homes and is a must for every family’s library!

What People Are Saying about modern manners


My husband who NEVER buys anything and doesn’t always appreciate my spending, even said this was worth every penny and now HE is the one recommending it to all our friends with teens.


I love teaching these things BEFORE they’re needed, rather than having to correct them later. My 2 teens really enjoy it as well!


This book was so great for my 6th graders!! We started with 52 days of school left and did one a day. If I forgot to do one, my students would be sure to remind me. The manners led to great conversations and could be used as writing prompts as well! I had a very boy heavy class this past year and some of my boys who struggled to be motivated even loved our “Modern Manners Minute”! I look forward to using it for my own children as they get a little bit older too. Excellent resource!!

Korie B

This book bridges a gap so parents of special needs kids as well as parents of typical-developing kids can all feel like they are teaching what needs to be taught to every teen, no matter their strengths or diversities.

Christina H

I love that it helps guide me as a parent to know what I need to be teaching my children. Even if you have young children please buy this!

Best-selling prequel

52 Modern Manners for Today’s Kids

This instant best-seller is the highly anticipated prequel to the 52 Modern Manners for Today’s Teens
series. When parents saw how effective and impactful the stand up book for teens was, they wanted to
start early with more basic manners and life skills for kids. Each page contains a manner, a clear and
concise explanation, the “why” behind the manner, and ways to role play and practice. This book helps
parents proactively teach their kids what to do in difficult, sticky, or emotional situations so they can
raise confident, independent, kind, and aware kids!

What People Are Saying about modern manners for today’s kids

Kelly B

My son loves the role-play scenarios and often enjoys coming up with his own scenarios that leave us laughing together as we practice what to do (and not do!) Perfect for elementary age kids and
their families!

Susan E

My kids look forward to it each day.

Kelly B

The topics are simple but relevant and impactful, and they are
written to inspire discussion without coming off as being preachy.


My 7 year old especially loves the explanations at the bottom of each manner about “why” it matters. They are practical and include a wide variety of topics and situations – you won’t regret buying this one!

Maddie D

The manners are approachable but important, and I love that they come from a third party rather than just another “lecture” from mom. Social, physical, mental — all types of habits and manners that anyone could benefit from implementing I really love how much kids love to learn these. They want to know these things!

Highly Anticipated Sequel

Volume 2 - 52 Modern Manners for Today's Teens

After seeing the impact of 52 Modern Manners for Today’s Teens Volume 1 in the home and classroom, Brooke knew families and teachers were hungry for more. In Volume 2, she digs a little deeper with 52 completely new tips for teaching important skills that help create a confident, successful life. This is a sequel that is every bit as good as the original.

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I help moms of teens and tweens create meaningful, healthy,  and enjoyable relationships with their children through practical application, education, and community. This creates families that feel confident and connected.


I Like Me Anyway

Embracing imperfection, connection and Christ

This book is a must read for any woman who has ever felt uncertain of her own worth, path or importance. This engaging, relatable book will fill you with confidence and purpose in your own unique story and give you the motivation and tools to become the woman you were always meant to be.

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