5 Summer Salads that will make you forget about the Main Dish


Summer time is salad time around here, and with my growing garden I’m even more motivated to use my produce wisely (especially the tomatoes!). So, I thought I would give my readers a little round up of my favorite salads that I make all summer (and winter) long!

Spinach with Peaches, Bacon, Blue Cheese, and Candied Nuts (in the fall I use pears, in the summer…peaches!)

Asian salad mix with Edamame, Tomatoes, and Peppers

The BLT (try adding avocado!)

Spinach Pasta with Cashews, Sesame Seeds and a Ginger Dressing

Southwest Chopped Salad with Sweet Lime Cumin Vinaigrette

Here are two more that I have had recently that are sooo good and perfect for summer!

Quinoa, Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella (The Pioneer Woman)

Berry Poppyseed Salad (Pretty Life Girls)

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