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Brooke Romney Writes

Meet Brooke Romney

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Hi, and welcome to Brooke Romney Writes, formerly Mom Explores Michigan. I am so glad you popped by!


I am a blogger, speaker and freelance writer who resides just outside Salt Lake City. My husband and I are raising 4 active boys who consistently remind us that we are not nearly as cool as we thought we would be. I love to write about anything and everything, but especially about things that matter. I love sunshine, fall, travel, books, friendship, and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. I try to chronicle the best (and some times worst) parts of my journey here.


As a blogger, speaker and freelance writer, I offer the following services for an hourly or project based rate:

Sponsored Posts/Advertising: Please contact me for traffic numbers and rates. I look forward to collaborating with you!

Business Writing: Creating powerful, succinct content is my specialty. I have experience in developing website copy, honing proposals, editing product descriptions and everything in between. I truly believe there is nothing more powerful than well-written words.

Brooke was able to synthesize our thoughts and put them into clear words. She is incredible at keeping our objectives organized, focused and on-point. As engineers and inventors, writing is not our strong suit, so we were thrilled to find someone quick and efficient to help us out. Our money spent on her expertise was well worth it!

-Bret Park, Diesel Power Source

Political Writing: For both new and experienced candidates, I can assist in creating a strong message and communicating effectively to your target population. I can easily address difficult issues without being divisive. From proofing marketing materials to writing persuasive speeches, you will be pleased to have me in your camp.

Brooke was incredibly helpful as I launched my first political campaign. She listened to me speak and share ideas and condensed them into a well-thought out platform that I could easily communicate to voters. She allowed me to stay true to myself, but made sure I was relating to voters in a way that showcased my values and my political passions. I would recommend her to anyone in the political arena.

-Dave Adams, Kaysville City Council

Applications, Resumes, Profiles and Cover Letters: Nothing turns a potential school or employer off more quickly than sloppy prose or wandering diction. Let me use my expertise to help you put your best self forward.

Social Media: Every company needs a social media presence. If you need help in creating content for your social media arm, I can do this quickly and economically.

Op-Eds: If you have an opinion you feel the world needs to hear but you cannot adequately express your passion, I can help. As I listen to what you find most important, I can craft a simple and persuasive article in your required number of words to submit to a newspaper, magazine or website.

Biographies: Do you have a story you want to share with your posterity? Through voice recordings or phone calls, I can help you record your own personal history.

It was so much fun to see how Brooke transformed my personal experiences into a really incredible story. She listened as I related my experiences, then wrote them in such an interesting and compelling way. What a treat to be able to read my story in her words!”

-Michael Olsen, Addressing Homes


I love to collaborate! For more information or to get started on a project, contact me at

Blogger – Speaker – Freelance Writer