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A New Christmas Playlist Even Teenagers Will Like


There are moments in parenting when you wonder how a certain child ever came from your DNA. One of mine happened when my oldest, at 7 years old, announced, “I HATE CHRISTMAS MUSIC. CHANGE THE STATION!” He was dead serious.

I LOVE Christmas music…pretty much all of it and for the full 5 weeks before Christmas. How could this be happening? It didn’t get better as he got older. He would literally cover his ears when it was on and ask me every 10 seconds to change the station or sing another song loudly to block the cheer. Not a very merry way to spend my holiday car time.

As a teen he started to tolerate it, though he was still unimpressed. Then, along came Spotify, and he found a few holiday songs he didn’t mind and some he even liked.

It was fun to explore new Christmas music and there were quite a few good ones we all enjoyed. So, we created a playlist that doesn’t kill the Christmas spirit for our family. Some like certain songs more than others but everyone is generally happy or at least not mad about having this be the soundtrack for our Christmas festivities. I have to get my Carpenters and Bing fix when I am all alone, or as a good mom does, torture her kids with just enough of what they don’t like…at high volume.

Does anyone else relate? Do you have a Christmas music hater?

What are your favorite Christmas songs? I would love to test them out on my crew!  Add them in the comments so we can all benefit and maybe find something new!


4 thoughts on “A New Christmas Playlist Even Teenagers Will Like

  1. Barenaked Ladies/Sarah Mclachlan’s “God rest ye merry gentlemen/we three kings.” is my favorite. Toe-tapping, teen pleasing song.

  2. I’m so lucky my oldest (9 years old) loves Bing Crosby, like me. But he doesn’t like Pentatonix (but my youngest does). You can’t win all of the time. My boys both love the Barenaked Ladies Christmas album though, so there’s a win.

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