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The Best Stocking Stuffers for Boys: Toddlers-Teens



When it comes to stocking stuffers, moms of girls have it pretty easy…nail polish, lipstick, jewelry… but finding something small and useful for a boy is always a particular challenge. I hate just buying candy or dollar store items that fall apart, so here is a list of useful and fun little stocking surprises for boys of all ages! If your boys are tweens or teens, keep scrolling, but many of the items are good for all boys!!


Bathtub Crayons/Chalk

Who doesn’t love a good tubby? The more toys and stuff you can bring into the water the better! Great idea for a stocking. $8


This gift is both fun and practical. You can shine the light in your brother’s eye and make him scream, but you can also keep it in your nightstand in case of an emergency or power outage. This one is rechargeable and water resistant. $12 and great for all ages.


Who doesn’t love watching things spin? A pretty cool addition to a Christmas stocking and great for all ages. $8

Plastic Ninjas

These are always a hit. They are very inexpensive and a fun little pop at the bottom of the stocking and perfect for car play or throwing in your purse. $6 for 20.

Matchbox Cars 

Matchbox cars seem to be a popular gift for years and years. Throw a few in the stocking and watch his eyes light up. I have always loved how even boys who are a little older don’t mind sitting down to play cars every now and then.  $16 for 20 cars. 


This blast from the past is just as fun today as it was when we were growing up. Try letting it take a walk down the stairs! $12


Break Open Your Own Geodes

To be honest, I am SO excited about this stocking stuffer. I think it might even steal the show on Christmas morning…my boys LOVE rocks and in a rock hierarchy geodes are at the very top. Take them out of the box and divide them up.$14.99

Digital Timer Bookmark

I LOVE this idea! This bookmark keeps track of your child’s reading time…brilliant! No more guessing or asking, “How much longer?” They also have a version with a reading light here. Can’t wait to start using ours!($15 for 2)



Lego Tape

This is the PERFECT stocking stuffer for your little Lego lover! This allows him to build his creations any where and everywhere, even on the wall! I think you will both love this gift. ($17)


Laser Pointers

I am not sure why little boys love these but they do! Such an easy thing to slip inside a stocking to provide hours of entertainment (one caution a reader brought up, make sure they know to not point them in eyes and read up on warnings). $10 for two.

Pokemon Cards

Chances are your son has loved these, loves these now or will love these. After three boys, I still don’t get it, but they love them and they are the perfect size for a stocking. ($3 and up)


These creative, small robots built of nuts, bolts and other crazy items would be an awesome find for a builder inside his stocking! $15


These fun little suction cup builders are fun for every age and every surface. Easy to keep track of and use, these will quickly become a building staple in your home, car, purse, and tub ($25-$50).

Spot It

 This is an AWESOME, quick game that is great for the whole family. The little ones are sometimes even better than the older ones. You can play with only two or you can involve the whole family. It is easy to understand and easy to love and fits nicely in a stocking. (If you have very little ones, make sure you grab the jr. version). $11


This easy to learn and quick dice game is fun for everyone and perfect to slip into a stocking. This game has provided hours of entertainment at our home! $13

LEGO Figurines 

What boy does not love to have a few new LEGO guys? These are great for throwing into the bottom of a stocking! 10 minifigures for $20

Tin Can Puzzles

If you are a puzzle kind of family, these ones in the tin cans are darling and were made for stockings!  $16


These crazy, bendable guys have suction on their feet and hands which make them the perfect boy toy and a great, inexpensive stocking stuffer. 6 bots for $33

Origami Paper

When my friend suggested origami paper, I had to giggle because there was a time my boys were super obsessed with origami. It is such a fun little hobby and if your boys love it, extra paper is always necessary. $3

Nerf Bullets

Please tell me you lose and break these as quickly as we do…there are literally never enough. $20 for 100 bullets.

Fidget Cube 

The benefits of these are debatable, but that doesn’t keep boys from loving them! $6


My boys love perusing magazines. Here are a couple your boys might like: Sports Illustrated Kids, Ranger Rick, National Geographic Kids, Zoobooks 



These are mechanical bugs that you can fit with different types of armor and then watch them battle each other. Incredibly cool for every age. They offer small less expensive sets that are little, easy to use bugs or more complicated robot types that battle in large arenas. Pretty cool! $15 for a 5 pack.


Playing Cards with a Card Trick Book

Boys LOVE magic! A few decks of playing cards and a Magic Book can provide hours and hours of entertainment, plus help them develop a fun new skill. Cards $5 Book $7

Cool Pens

Sword pens, syringe pens, multi colored pens, these are always a cool extra gift. Prices vary.

Yo Yo

If you thought yo-yos were a thing of the past, think again! These toys have reinvented themselves and are challenging and fun for boys of all ages with a myriad of tricks to learn and perfect. Investing in a good one is worth it ($13).

Solar Powered Grasshopper

Put this cute little bug together and then watch it power up with sunshine. A great little experiment for your buddiing scientist $8.



Kanoodle is awesome brain and spacial relations puzzle game that is perfect for car rides, waiting rooms, or quiet play at home $11.

Fitness Jump Rope

One of the best ways to get in shape is jumping rope, and if you are young enough, you might think it is fun too! This gift works for all ages! $10


Fitness Tracker 

We have had great luck with the simplest Garmin. My son has worn it for almost two years with no issues or problems. If you have a fitness junkie or a kid who needs to be motivated to get off the couch, this would make a great stocking surprise $60.

Pocket Knife 
If you have a son interested in scouting there is nothing cooler than his first pocket knife. Sure to be a hit. $10 and up.

Head Lamp

This would make an awesome stocking stuffer. Perfect for dark tag, camping, or even reading at night. You will be surprised at how excited boys are about a head lamp, plus it is super useful. ($13)

Camping Gear

Does your family love to camp? Boys love having their “own” stuff to use. What about a cool mess kit or another item they need? ($10 and up)

Rubik’s Cube

These take you back, right? They are just as entertaining and challenging as they have always been…a great little item for the stocking! ($11)


What boy doesn’t love a wallet. An Awesome stocking stuffer, especially if it includes a few crisp dollar bills! ($11.99)


Portable Charger

Most teens are pretty attached to their devices, so a high quality portable charger would be a very welcome stocking stuffer! $15


These waterproof, sweatproof, wireless earbuds are perfect for every teen who loves music on all day long. $26


What boy doesn’t sneak his dad’s cologne for as long as possible? Make his day and gift him some of his own. This four pack is perfect to split between a few boys! $45

Portable, Waterproof Wireless speaker

This  portable, wireless, blue tooth speaker will allow your son to take his music everywhere, and it is small enough to slide right into a stocking. $26


If braces just came off and the pearly whites aren’t as white as he had hoped, grab a pack of whitening strips to start using over Christmas break $30.

Stress ball

The teen years are some of the most stressful! Give them a pack of stress balls to relieve a little of the pressure. $10 for 3.

NBA Logo Socks


Boys love socks, but moms don’t like to pay $12 a pair so throwing one of these “nice” pair in their stocking is a real bonus!

Hydroflask Waterbottle

Did you know that there is an “it” water bottle? If not, now you do and at $25-$35 a hydroflask is definitely a Christmas splurge. On the bright side, it is a very useful item that can fill a lot of stocking space too. It would make a great stocking stuffer for your athletic, outdoorsy, or musical son.

Image result for images of a gray beanieBeanie

A cute beanie rolls up nicely into a stocking and doubles as a useful gift! $12

Metal Earth Scorpion Laser Cut Model

If you have a teenager who still loves to build and doesn’t mind a challenge, this is a great stocking stuffer! He will love spending quiet hours putting together this intricate scorpion, no glue required ($7).




Caution, these are not toys or for young boys, but if you have a son who is into hunting, fishing, crafting, or the outdoors,  these super sharp xacto knives that retract for safety would make an awesome stocking stuffer. Right now on a special 5 for $10.


Football Gloves

Slide these gloves on and immediately feel like a pro. Perfect for any size football player ($20). If football is not your sport, what about golf, baseball or ski gloves instead?

A stocking is also a great place for gift cards for teenagers…think music, food, restaurants, gas, oil changes, entertainment, movies, Amazon,  play tickets, concerts, sporting events, gym pass, etc! They will love a break from spending their hard earned money on life’s necessities.

Have a great idea that I missed? Let me know all about it in the comments!!

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