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Our Pact: The App All Parents Should Know About



Technology rarely blows me away. In fact, oftentimes it seems to make life more complicated than it was before; However, the relatively new app, Our Pact, has made managing screen time, smart phones, and everything in between so incredibly simple and has given me the peace of mind that is often absent when it comes to technology.

I downloaded the app a few weeks ago, and it was so easy to use and effective I had to let my readers know. It will truly change your family’s electronic life and put you back in control, while allowing age appropriate freedom and trust. Here is what it can do for your family:

  1. Create schedules: For each device you own, you can set a usage schedule. For older family members, you may only set a bedtime schedule that blocks the phone from 10pm-6am. For younger family members, you may have not only bedtime, but homework time, family time, play time, etc. During these blocked times of day, your child will not be able to access their phone at all. As soon as the block is lifted, the phone is back on. This is especially useful if the teen’s phone is used as an alarm clock, if they read on a device, or if you have a child who likes to sneak their iPad into bed at night. 
  2. Block Apps: Many parents don’t mind their kids having a smart phone but want to block access to certain apps. Our Pact allows you to block apps that you don’t approve of at any time. You can also block the App Store, Internet Browsers, and Google Play so that additional apps cannot be downloaded. This feature is fantastic! If your child uses their phone at school, but you don’t want them wasting time there, you can block the gaming apps until homework is finished. If you only want your child using social media when you can monitor things, you can block the app until you are together and can supervise. So cool!!
  3. Limit Screen Time: This option is especially effective for younger users when it comes to the iPad or other tablets and it keeps parents accountable too! You can set a screen time limit per device each day and when the screen time runs out, the device is no longer accessible. I love that it sets real boundaries for kids and allows them to manage their own screen time. If they only get two hours each day, they can choose carefully how they will use it and then get creative with the rest of their time. 
  4. Block on the spot: One of the features I love about Our Pact is the chance to block the device any time! We were at a play and I saw my son pull out his phone to check a text. Since that is an inappropriate place to use your phone and he didn’t exhibit the control I wanted to see, I blocked his access until I wanted to grant it again. You can do this anytime, as often as you need to, regardless of the schedule you have set. I also love this if you think your teens has spent too much time on their phone in one day…it offers them a forced break. 
  5. Locate Family: In addition to all the other great perks, it can also tell you exactly where your child’s device is at all times. Also helpful if misplacing expensive technology is a problem for your family.
  6. Sign a Contract: I love Our Pact because it not only provides controls but gives parents tools to start conversations about healthy screen time, smart online communication, and the appropriate place for technology in our lives. As you go through and set schedules, app rules, and screen limits, you can use the contract they provide to decide together the best way to use technology.

So, now that you know what it can do for you and your family, here are some questions you might want answers to:

Q: Is it hard to install and use?

A: It is so easy! You simply download the app to your phone, and then download it to the other devices you want to control.

Q: My child is pretty good at getting around things. Can they take it off?

A: If the app is ever removed from a device, the parents are notified immediately. If you need any technical help, you can contact Our Pact for suggestions on using it with very tech savvy kids.

Q: Does it run through a router? Is it easy for my kids to turn off?

A: No. Other controls run through routers which means they only work when they are on and when your children are inside your home. This is an app that cannot be turned off or worked around.

Q: Can I control their phones and tablets even when I am not with them or when they are out of our home?

A: Yes! You do everything from your phone, so you can be in another country and still be able to block, schedule, and allow for all of your devices.

Q: I have multiple children with multiple devices, how many can I control?

A: Depending on the plan, you can control as many as 20 devices.

Q: Sounds pretty amazing, how much will this cost me?

A: Our Pact offers three different plans:

  1. FREE: This free plan offers you one device and one schedule. It can allow you to, at the very least, set screen free sleep hours, which is good for everyone.
  2. $1.99 per month: This middle plan allows you to control 10 devices. On those devices you can set unlimited schedules, and you have access to unlimited blocks and grants on those devices.
  3. $4.99 per month: This premium plan allows you to control 20 devices. On those devices you can set unlimited schedules, have access to unlimited blocks and grants, block and allow specific apps, set screen time limits, block texts, and make use of the family locator.

I would highly encourage you to give their FREE TRIAL a shot and see how it changes the technology use in your home. I couldn’t love it more! If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!


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16 thoughts on “Our Pact: The App All Parents Should Know About

    1. There are some work arounds for IOS devices that very tech savvy kids can figure out if they want to. However, an alert is sent to you if they remove the software from their device. They do have some tools to help parents manage that if you child is older and tech savvy.

    2. Hey Virginia! We do offer management of iPhones, yes. We control iOS and Android child devices, through a parent iOS, Android or Web app. 🙂 In fact, our iOS child management is the most robust in terms of features on the parental control market… Our Premium tier even lets you block iMessage!

      If you have any other questions, contact

    1. Hey Leslie! Great question. If both of your son’s devices – the iPhone and iPad – are assigned to the same child profile, you would be able to send a command that is delivered to both. To do this: during the pairing process, when you reach the page where you name/assign the device you would have them both assigned to the same profile.

      If you have any other questions, please contact! 🙂

    1. Hi Leslie! We do not offer management of computers at this time, only mobile iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, computers use a totally different operating system, which our software can’t accommodate. We apologize for any inconvenience!

      On the bright side, you can access your PARENT APP from a computer by navigating to in a browser.

      Let us know if you have any other questions at 🙂

  1. This looks great. Do you know if it can also monitor and track the websites and apps the kids use? Or is it mostly just about time limits and blocking?

    1. Hey Tasha, great question! We don’t monitor/track the websites, OurPact is more for encouraging overall healthy device habits.

      If your children’s devices are iOS, we encourage you to check out built-in iOS Restrictions (navigate in your child iOS devices to Settings > General > Restrictions). Using Restrictions, you can ‘Limit Adult Content’ in Safari, and then use OurPact to block any other browsers at all times. This is a great way to make sure internet browsing stays clean, while still having the control over the device and access with OurPact.

      If you have any other questions, please contact

  2. Hi. I have been trying for the last hour to pair an iPhone. The instructions on the OurPact site are not accurate and do not work. Anyone else having this issue?

    1. Shoot. No one I know has had this issue, but the OurPact support has been super helpful. I would shoot them an email or give them a call and they should be able to walk you through it.

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