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Our Favorite Hikes, Restaurants and Sights in St. George


St. George has quickly become one of our favorite destinations close to home. We get a chance to see sunshine and warm up during the crazy Utah winter and spring. Between sports tournaments and three day weekends, we have spent a good of amount of time exploring the red rocks and hidden gems.

My parents’ have a home near Snow Canyon, which is a bit out of town, so we usually arrive, go shopping at Costco and spend our mornings hiking, our afternoons swimming, and eat in. There really is nothing better. I am positive that hiking is the best free family activity out there. Everyone can do it, everyone enjoys it (even if they won’t admit it), it keeps us active, and it allows us to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature. Here are a few you must try:

SNOW CANYON HIKES (Park entrance fee $6)

Butterfly Trial: This one is our very favorite, so if you only have time to do one, choose this. It is daring enough to keep the boys interested and moving (the beginning is a little slick and steep) but it is not scary. The last half is fairly flat and allows time to enjoy the views of the red and white rocks on all sides. When the butterfly trail ends, you can turn to your left and hike up a HUGE rock formation. The hike is a little difficult but doable if you are willing to push. The view from the top is unbeatable and a few guys were throwing a frisbee from the top to the bottom which made for some good entertainment. We loved the climb! If you go to your right, you can hike the Lava Tubes.



Lava Tubes: These are also a must. My boys were in love with exploring the deep caves. The average family can climb down for a minute and poke around, but if you are really daring and have head lamps, you can wind through the lava tubes. This is not for the leisurely hiker or for little ones. If you plan on hiking the lava tubes, wear sturdy shoes and pants and preferably a long sleeve shirt since it’s easy to get scraped up. You will also have the chance to climb through small spaces, so if you are claustrophobic, don’t push it.

Marble Mountain: This hike starts in Snow Canyon at the “Upper Galut” trail head. It looks like a nice picnic area, but if you keep walking up the mountain, you can find tons of naturally formed marbles out of the red rock. It is pretty amazing! My kids loved collecting them and seeing how they were formed. As a family we enjoyed hiking up the large rocks to the very top. At times it was steep and for a moment we needed to be on all fours but it wasn’t hard. It also wasn’t crowded at all…a nice bonus!


White Rocks Trail: A little longer hike that allows hikers to also explore the white rock amphitheater. This hike gives views of the white rocks and lava flows with plenty to keep everyone moving and interested.

Sand Dunes: If you have time to stick around and play or if you have little ones that don’t plan on hiking, you can spend hours and hours playing in the warm, soft, red sand. Bring some toys for digging, sunscreen, and some snacks and it is an awesome way to spend the afternoon. One warning, just recently there was a death from someone stepping into a sink hole here. It almost never happens, but be sure to stay together.



Gunlock Reservoir: We would love to do this hike when the water is flowing during the spring and there are waterfalls. We have heard amazing things about it at that time of year, but we have never seen it ( from our research, it rarely happens, but if it does you will need your swimsuit). We still enjoyed our hike though…the boys loved blazing their own trail and really exploring. Best for older kids who don’t need a trail and who like a little adventure, but our little ones were fine too.

Chuckwalla Trail: This is one of the easiest hikes (walks) in St. George but it is beautiful and my boys love it. It’s about 1 mile, but you can turn back whenever you are tired. The path is easy to follow and we even found a tortoise the last time we were there! A perfect beginners hike!

The Glass Mine: This is located just south of St. George and is an abandoned Gypsum mine. Our friends went and said it was so cool! They came out with plenty of pieces of their own gypsum. We can’t wait to give it a try next time. It is hard to find, but the directions here can get you there!

Photo via HERE


Photo via HERE

Dixie Rock: There are tons of tunnels and trails at Dixie Rock that can make for a great morning of exploring. This is perfect if you have all ages who like to wander, climb and explore.


Trail Passing in Between Large Rocks
image via HERE

Padre Canyon Trail: This trail starts in Tuachan and ends in Snow Canyon if you go all the way through. A little adventurous but doable.

Santa Clara Petroglyphs: I cannot even imagine how excited my boys would be to actually discover real petroglyphs! We will definitely be taking this hike on our next trip.

Santa Clara Pictographs
image via HERE

Red Reef Trail: This hike is fun and scenic and takes you to a natural pool. Park at the Red Cliff’s Campground and take it from there. (warning, there may be no water depending on the time of year)

image via


There are two new to us restaurants in town that we LOVE.

Cliffside: This restaurant is a bit more upscale and has an incredible view. The food was SO good. The salads were delicious and the salmon and fish tacos were perfect. Everyone was thrilled with their dinner. Cliffside also offers a beautiful private dining area if you have a large group getting together. Open for lunch and dinner with prices between $12-$30.

Even Stevens: Even Stevens has other Utah locations, and we love every single one. This is a great spot for a family breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their breakfast sandwiches are incredible (add the avocado and tomato) as is the stuffed french toast (bonus: breakfast is served all day!). Every sandwich we have eaten was perfect and flavorful. I especially love Turkey Day. And, we never leave without ordering the queso and a cookie or two…trust me on this one. Add to that a super fun atmosphere with games for the whole family and the fact that they donate a sandwich for every sandwich purchased and you have an awesome eating establishment!

If you are looking for other spots to enjoy, here are a few more. Want to add one? Let me know!

Breakfast at Tifiny’s $
Kneader’s $
Cafe Rio $
Five Guys $
Mad Pita (owners are from Michigan woot! woot!) $
25 and Main $
Anasazi $$$
Capaletti $$
Benja’s Thai and Sushi $$
Don Pedro’s $
The Egg and I $$
Black Bear Diner $$
Habit Burger $
Piccolo Mondo $$
Irmita’s $
Wagon Wheel $
Pizza Factory $
Veyo Pies $ (food too!)
Croshaw Pies $ (food too!)
Nielsen Frozen Custard $
The Sugar Cookie $
Swig $
Fractured Prune Doughnuts $


Church History: There is lots of Mormon Church History to visit here! It is always fascinating to learn about the early settlers in an area. We stopped at the Brigham Young winter home, the Jacob Hamblin House, the St. George Temple, and the St. George Tabernacle. They have tours going on, but if you have a large group, you can schedule your own.

trying fresh grapes at the Brigham Young Summer Home

Tuachan: If you are around May-October, Tuachan is AMAZING…something you will not want to miss.The quality is really impressive and it keeps young and old completely entranced.

image via HERE

Parks: St. George has a million parks and splash pads to choose from. A few highlights are Cottonwood Cove Park and the Hidden Valley Splash Pad.

(this post has be edited and republished from a former post)

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12 thoughts on “Our Favorite Hikes, Restaurants and Sights in St. George

  1. Brooke, our daughter Tania lives there in Santa Clara so I love this post. We have been on a few of those hikes and several of the restaurants. We actually participated in the Christmas Nativity program at Tuachan with them. That area really is a wonderful place. One more thing our grandkids have loved doing is skimboarding at the Virgin River over by the north end of town. Just tried 25 Main last month, LOVED the orange cranberry salad can hardly wait to try the strawberry salad that her friends have raved about, it wasn't "in season" yet. Fun, fun post!!

  2. We tried the Petroglyphs hike. We started on the trail about 3 miles from the Jacob Hamblin home (which we also stopped to see–it is a very short tour, about 20 mins, and is mostly a history lesson, the kids were bored but the adults found it interesting) We had to walk about 1-1.5 miles before seeing any petroglyphs. It is an easy walk on a pretty good trail. The little kids got a little bored but once we saw the first petroglyphs they perked up. We didn't get much farther than the first petroglyphs because the littlest kids were getting tired (and there was a rattle snake on the trail) but the people we passed on the trail said that the petroglyphs get bigger and better if you keep going. It would probably be best to go with someone who has been there before. We might have missed them if someone on the trail hadn't pointed them out to us–they are a few steps off the trail and you have to walk past them and then turn around to see them. I would love to go back and see more and my kids are still talking about the "really really old pictures on the rocks." I was amazed at how clear they really are.

  3. Correction: It’s the Brigham Young WINTER Home. Nobody sticks around St. George in the summer – except the missionaries!

    1. Hi Tim. A few years ago, when I started blogging, my readership was very small. Now that it is much larger, I will occasionally edit and update a post with new information and then republish it. My original article appeared on my former blog, Mom Explores Michigan.

  4. We loved Hidden Pinon at Snow Canyon, it had markers for plant identification (perfect for scouting). It was easy with a 3 year year old & entertained the other kids with lots of rocks to climb & explore!

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