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As a Mother, I Could Never Vote for Donald Trump



Months ago, Donald Trump was a side show, something to giggle about and mock on late night television. I kept quiet, dismissing his 15 minutes of political fame as fleeting. But now, the prospect of him leading the land I love is all too real. As a mother, I cannot let him lead. My boys cannot see him as their commander and chief. We cannot look to him in times of crisis for inspiration.

I have had political differences with many of the candidates in the past, but I never questioned their motivation for service. I often disapproved of their tactics, their stances, and their convictions but believed that in their heart they were working for a better nation the best way they knew how. With Trump in the running, this is no longer the case.

Trump is the antithesis of everything I, and so many other parents, work so hard to teach their children every day. If he is victorious, he will undermine us all. It will show our children that…

  1. Hate is stronger than love. Somehow, Trump has made hate noble. It isn’t and never was. It is powerful and ugly, and frighteningly uniting. We have watched it create, build, and strengthen the worst movements in history. Trump loves to hate. America is too good for that.
  2. Differences should be feared. My kids have never known a country that doesn’t accept and celebrate differences. They have been in multi-cultural education settings and played on teams with kids of all colors. They have had friends with names that are hard to pronounce and teachers and doctors with accents. They have asked with disbelief about events in our country’s past that are incongruous with the world that is so familiar to them now.  Trump will change all this. America is too good for that.
  3. Women are second to men. It has never crossed my boys’ minds that girls are not as smart or as capable as boys. They have never known a time when women did not have as many possibilities and opportunities as men. They have strong women in their lives who are loving, accomplished, intelligent and amazing and who have been able to choose their own path. Trump treats women as objects and afterthoughts. America is too good for that.
  4. Money equals worth. In a society obsessed with consumerism and profit, it takes serious concerted effort to teach our children that bank accounts don’t determine personal value. Trump uses his wealth to camouflage and excuse his lack of honesty and character. America is too good for that.
  5. Bullies win. Somehow, Trump has figured out how to make adults love the mean kid on the playground. He shouts immature insults at the top of his lungs, makes fun of people who cannot defend themselves, and speaks profanely. For all that he gets fist bumps, congratulatory smiles and hearty laughter. It’s like middle school all over again. Trump wants a bully to be the face of our nation. America is too good for that.
  6. Saying what you think is more important than thoughtful civility. Most Trump supporters tout his ability to, “tell it like it is,” as their main attraction to him; however, this quality is dangerous and disheartening. Parents consistently teach children to hold back words of anger and hostility; to listen when someone is talking; to take a moment to see things from a different point of view; to say sorry when they are wrong; to forgive; to alter their frame of reference when they receive new insight or information; to carefully consider the views and thoughts of others; to believe that knowledge is power. The President of the United States cannot be a man who just “tells it like it is.” That quality is charming in an elderly neighbor but positively dangerous in a man who is leading our country.  Trump uses his bravado to scare others into silence. America is too good for that.

As mothers and fathers we owe our children a better leader. We owe them someone who unites and inspires. We owe them someone who honors the sacrifice of those who fought and continue to fight for freedom. We owe them the chance to hope for a better world. We cannot let Donald Trump be the person we choose to let lead this next generation. America is too good for that.

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66 thoughts on “As a Mother, I Could Never Vote for Donald Trump

    1. Hi Ginny! Nice to hear from you. I am focusing on the primary right now, hoping that somehow the pendulum will swing.

  1. So you won’t vote for Trump? If he’s the nominee, and Republicans don’t vote for him, that will ensure a Democratic president. That’s not what this country needs. Suck it ip, buttercup. Between the lesser of two evils, I’ll take Trump over Hillary any time.

    1. This is precisely why it is SO IMPORTANT that Republicans not assume that Trump is the only one who can beat Hillary. Have faith people! Look at the other options we have right now. Don’t allow this election to become just Trump or Hillary. Right now, is the key. Where is our integrity?

    2. And that type of attitude is what gets us in trouble. Evil is evil… There is no “less” evil. Neither Trump or Hillary will be good. I won’t have part of either one, and they aren’t the only candidates.

    3. If we were back in the founding years of our nation, Hilary would be seen in front of a firing squad for treason. Instead today, we see her running shamelessly for President of the same nation she betrayed.
      Trump is not an acceptable option.
      Sanders is an openly declared Socialist. I grew up in Communist Romania. Trust me, we don’t need that here.
      Ted Cruz is someone I can currently Support. I am sad Rand Paul dropped out. He would have been great too.

    4. Seriously? Hillary is none of those things that describe Trump. Suck it up, buttercup. Between the lesser of two evils, I’ll take Hillary over Trump any day.

    5. Now that Trump is our nominee, I will be voting 3rd party for the first time ever. I can’t vote for either Clinton or Trump without vomiting. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, will be getting my vote. Why do we have to stick ourselves in this 2-party rut? I have to stick to my principles for principles sake. No Trump. No Clinton.

    6. Gosh Brooke, why’d you have to get into politics. Whyyyyyy 🤦🏼‍♀️
      I was scrolling through your site, adding bookmarks to so many of your articles, just bragging to my husband about how neat your corona quarantine ideas were, etc. I also saw and heard you at time out for women in Phoenix this past September, and was so impressed.
      I’m so bummed, I won’t support people who don’t support our President (who’s done more in the last three years for our country and us Americans than Obama did in 8 years!) Did you have an article about the concerns of Obama in 2012? I don’t see one.
      Sincerely & Unsubscribed,

      1. Hi Kati. I believe that we find good in all places, and though we may disagree on certain issues it is the ones we have in common that are most important. Supporting goodness in all varieties is what we have covenanted to do, and though that may look different for both of us in specific ways, I think that is okay. I love our prophet, Jesus, and God with all my heart and live a life in harmony with their teachings. Political affiliation is not a litmus test for goodness and never has been. I hope you find what you are looking for from other sources. All my best to you and your family during this difficult time.

  2. No matter what…Trump cannot represent America with his inappropriate, mean comments. I think he must have been bullied as a child to be so removed from what’s right and wrong to say in public. He cannot serve we Americans in any way shape or form. We would be the laughing stock of all time. I find everything he says is so uneducated and he replaces his lack of knowledge and wisdom with his sharp, mean tongue, bullying all around him…it’s all he knows!!! Someone was objecting to him and he says, “I want to punch him in the face.” ‘Is this presidential? I don’t think so. That’s ‘it for this blog…there’s so very much more.

  3. His behavior and demeanor are an affront to God fearing and responsible citizens. His crassness and disrespect for almost everything and everyone who is not Donald Trump seems to be universal.

  4. I agree with you! However, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are equally as bad!! It’s the first year that I have considered not voting… as I can’t stand any of them. I get frustrated and angry every time I think about it, but find comfort knowing that this has all been prophesied. Bottom line is the government is corrupt and will remain so until Christ returns to govern it himself:)

    1. This is an especially rough and scary year in politics…I agree. The idea that America is so polarized right now is really disheartening. We could really use someone who was willing to bring people together.

  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Brooke. I would not vote for Trump in the general election. Everything in my being forbids it. I truly believe he is the greater evil. He would make our country the laughingstock of the world. Statemen around the world already refer to him as a buffoon, and worse. What does it say about Americans if we choose this man to be our leader? He is not a Republican. He is in this for himself. He doesn’t care about Americans. When he is insulting and cursing people, they are his fellow Americans. A President represents ALL Americans, not just the ones who view the world in the same myopic way as him or her. He will never get my vote, under any circumstances. And it’s not too late to keep him from winning the Republican nomination. Thank you for speaking out against him.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Suzy. I especially love ” A President represents ALL Americans, not just the ones who view the world in the same myopic way as him or her.” That is something our representatives at all levels need to remember.

  6. As Canadian Justin Bieber said – “Never say never.” The press and the Republication establishment are selling those narratives to the public. They are hoping to influence using “opinion by sound bite”. Trump is definitely brash and personally I’ve never liked the man; however the attack seems a bit off when you listen to the whole message. I am holding back judgment until the convention, when the whole message can be better articulated before I condemn him. With Hillary waiting in the wings, it will take a lot more than sound bites to condemn Trump.

  7. If the nominee is Trump, I will pray the other Romney (Mitt) will run as an independent so we’ll have a decent option.

  8. I have to make the argument that Donald Trump has made no secret how he behaves, what he thinks, or in the moment how he will treat other people he doesn’t like or agree with. I’ve watched entire debates, seen lengthy footage from his rallies and even listened to reports of abhorrent behavior that is glorified by the very people supporting him. There is NO reasonable or acceptable excuse even for the “sound bites” that you refer to. The President of the United States HAS to be able to maintain a stable decorum, has to be able to handle the affairs of the office with dignity and respect and consideration for ALL people or he doesn’t represent the constitution or the very spirit of our democracy. There is no room for argument on this one. When you mock a disabled person, when you refer to even one woman you don’t like as a “cow”, when you encourage people to be aggressive and put their hands (or feet) on innocent people, and when your main platform is to promote dividing rhetoric, you simply have no business being our leader. You may think he is the lesser of many evils, but that is fueled by blind loyalty to a party that has been on the brink of implosion for many years. What does it tell you that so many Republicans have been promoting hate speak against our current President but since this election cycle started his approval rating amongst Democrats AND Republicans has risen dramatically? We need to step away from preconceived notions and look at our candidates individually, separate from party lines or we risk putting someone in power who can almost assuredly make things 100x worse than you ever thought possible. Hate and judgement are infectious and destructive, and his brand is of the worst kind. Every one of his so-called plans would cost this country literally billions of dollars we don’t have and would most likely end up crippling out economy. Be careful what you ask for, and open your mind and heart. There is at least one other candidate that is honest, sincere, and has a history of standing up for the people of this great country despite personal and professional cost. Perhaps the very attributes you are looking for are in one of the most unlikely places.

    1. Hi Laura. Thank you for your informed comments and opinions. To me, there is nothing presidential about the way Donald Trump as acted thus far.

  9. Both wife AND ex wife support him. Both appear to be strong women. His boys and daughter are not week people either. All full of confidence and self worth. He came from good parents who taught him to work hard. He follows their example. He has a close family. He has helped people we are not aware of. Where are the complaints from all his employees around the world? Even his former military school chum spoke highly of him way back.
    I hope he becomes President because he speaks like Ronald Reagan, something I can understand.
    Like every president he will have a fight on his hand. Even he says it’s not easy, but I’m willing to give him a try. At least he is not bought and we are being severely affected by illegals and ISIS we can’T be doormats any longer.

  10. Why did you say ” differences should be feared ” In your second point? I might disagree with the things Trump says but how will he stop diversty from happening in this country. Also will you write about the positive things he has done IF he is the nominee?

    1. Hi Jen. Instead of welcoming the differences people from other countries bring to our nation or even differing opinions of current citizens, he belittles them and tries to rally his supporters to feel nervous because of them. I usually write about the things that are in my heart as this is not a political blog but one that usually focuses on family and motherhood. These were things I felt I needed to say as a mother, not as a political enthusiast.

  11. Wow Brooke…. Canada sounds good? It amazes me the people who want to leave the country when elections happen. Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, and Raven-Symone are 3, who state they already have their tickets if Trump wins. Sorry to break this to you Al, Whoopi, and Raven… order for a threat to work, there has to be something for someone to lose. I personally say, ” who cares”. If all of you leave, it does not affect me, and I am sure the rest of America would be able to continue their lives without any of you.
    Brooke, it is nice you can share you opinion, but that is all it is. I understand you want to support your Father, and not hear the things that are being said about him. When he shared his opinions, just like you and I are doing, he took the chance of some backlash. He got his name out there again, but really does not have that much relevance.
    If you look at Trump and how he has gotten America excited to vote again, how can anyone say that is a bad thing. Weren’t we always taught that the right to vote is one of the best things about living in the USA. It seems like the Republican party is scared, they want people to vote, but only if they vote for who they want. As Thomas Jefferson said..”The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time”, and the Republican Elites, as they like to be called, are the old growth. Donald Trump is man who will remove the old, and refresh the tree.
    What I find most amusing, is the negative talk about Donald Trump, is very similar to talk we heard when Dr. Martin Luther King first began his movement. This is a movement, and in years to follow will be looked upon as the time the Government was given back to the people. GOP means Government Of the People, which means we get to decide who we want, and what we want.
    Brooke don’t be angry your Father did not make it to the Whitehouse, be proud he tried.
    Good luck.

    1. Hi Scott. My comment about Canada was tongue in cheek to a good friend. And, as nice as it would be closely related to Mitt, he is a distant second or third cousin of my father-in-law, so my feeling have nothing to do with my family relationships. Thanks for your comment and your personal insight.

  12. I disagree …

    #1 I haven’t heard him say he hates anyone anyone other than Isis, cop killers, etc.
    #2 The only people that are different, or speak with an accent that he doesn’t accept are the illegal ones.
    #3 Women are objects only if they allow themselves to be. I could not care less what he thinks of women, or what their role should be.That has nothing to do with fighting terrorists, securing our borders and bringing American businesses back home, protecting our policemen, etc.
    #4 Not even relevant…
    #5 I might give you this one. He is a little harsh…
    #6 I think it’s better to more or less tell it like it is. No sense in beating around the bush..especially with terrorists and criminals, they need to have put to them straight up.

    I for one am sick to death of all the political correctness and coddling these poor me folks with the victim mentality. It’s time to get a back bone America

  13. I am not a mother Brooke, but couldn’t agree more. The best line I’ve seen someone write so far is “pretty much everything Trump wants to do to make America great again goes against everything that made this country great in the first place.” Keep up the good work.

  14. Wow, please those who think his comments are Reagan-esque, please find me multiple documented quotes of Reagan calling people “loser”, “bimbo”, and all the other nonsense that Trump spews forth on Twitter. Please find me an example of Reagan mocking a disabled reporter. Please find go watch for yourself what Reagan had to say about immigrants and compare it with Trump’s words. It’s one thing to be sick of political correctness, it’s quite another to celebrate words and actions that are immature and mean-spirited!

  15. Since Trump’s policies would ensure a better future for my kids, as a mother I would most definitely vote for Trump. Trumps policies are supported by our constitution, he is the only one that is using the constitution to restore America to what it once was. He is against socialism/communism, he will fight against those radical ideologies. He loves America and its people and would work for the people. Sounds like you’ve been listening to the liberal propaganda and not truly studied who Trump is and what he really stands for.

    1. Are you kids white? Even better, white males? Because those are the only people trump cares about helping. People like himself.

  16. By not voting or voting for a ‘write in’ candidate, you are ceding the election to Clinton and a decidedly LEFT Supreme Court for a generation. Is it just fine with you if your family and you have to live with a liberal agenda for a generation? The next president will most likely be appointing up to 5 new judges in the next 4 to 8 years, and if they are young, they will be on the bench a very long time. If Hillary wins the presidency, the country will have a Supreme Court that upholds positions like gender neutral bathrooms. Here is someone who knows the Trump family. Have you listened to her? Her voice is full of emotion….Lynne Patton “The Trump Family That I Know” – A Black Female Trump Executive Speaks
    Lynn Patton speaks:

  17. Terrible, dishonest article. The reason Trump is the nominee today is because Americans finally woke up to the trash they’ve nominated over the last 25 years, culminating in the most pathetic candidate odd then ask, Mitt. He is disgraceful. I’m embarrassed he is a member of my church. I wish he loved the constitution and was a noble statesman like Ron Paul. Instead, he is just like the rest of the trash. He is not honorable. You can see Mitt, Brooke, as your commander in chief? Sending other mother’s boys off to war to fight enemies our nation created? Trump, and he is hardly prefect doesn’t peach hate. Stop misrepresenting him. Do you not want to deport criminal illegals? Should we not consider pausing the import of refugees who may have evil motives? You sit in your ivory tower and write your blogs. However, you are the one who is not in touch.

  18. Awesome write-up. I’m a normal visitor of your website and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the excellent site. I’ll be a regular visitor for a really long time.

  19. I love this Brooke. I am British, I live in the U.K. and this perfectly sums up how I, and many others feel about Trump. It’s not even about the politics anymore, he is a disgraceful excuse for a man and not someone that we ever want our children to look up to as a role model. I will share your article to articulate my view!

    1. Hi Joan. Thank you for the question. So far I have not been impressed by the way he has led for the most part. I was hoping the mantle of the office would change him. However, it has only be a couple of months and the jury is still out. I am hoping and praying for something good.

  20. I had the same struggle with him during the election. I was so upset by everything that was being reported in the news I didn’t know what I would do when I went into the booth. Realizing that the media is extremely biased I decided to dig deeper and see what I could find that was positive about our republican candidate. This is what I discovered:
    -his politics are aligned with the constitution and the current laws of our great nation.
    -he has aligned himself with good people in politics over the years.
    – he has classy, successful, hard working children to whom he is the common denominator.
    -there are many references to his diversity in his business dealings, employees, closest friends and confidants that the news simply doesn’t report. (It is now reflected in the White House cabinet and staff)
    -he has more women executives in his organization than most. (He has appointed many to serve in the White House now,)
    -As disturbing as the tapes of his innapropriate words were, I don’t see current behavior reflecting that behavior of 10 years ago (I hope none of us are judged forever by poor choices we make years prior)
    -he recognizes God in his life and other religious belief systems as important and to be respected.
    -People call him xenophobic – when he is actually married to a foreigner.
    -They call him homophobic when he has stood and said he has no intention of reversing current laws and has neither spoken of or taken any action to do so.
    -They call him a woman hater when his daughter has his utmost respect and he has countless women in high profile positions giving him counsel and working with him (his campaign manager and special assistant is a woman.)
    -the media interpreted him as making fun of a special needs person but there has been no indication that this is a pattern of behavior for him.
    -the media paints his immigration policies as heartless when all he is doing is enforcing current laws that have been ignored for years (and where will anyone find safety if there are no regulations in place to keep our country a refuge?-how about we redirect our anger to the people responsible for our current situation who are committing acts of terror in unimaginable ways).
    Honestly, I don’t take great pride in the way he reacts to certain situations but then I remind myself that who else besides a person who is arrogant and cocky, self reliant and successful, will stand up to the current political climate where feelings are more important than right and wrong for our country. He has no other motive to put up with such persecution than love of country. He is losing a great deal of money and not taking a paycheck. He is a billionaire with a beautiful family and plenty of power. He doesn’t need any of this. There is a lot of good to be found if you look past the media and try to find it. Just ask the majority of people who have actually spent any amount of time with him (including those who didn’t support him in the election). It’s time for people to respect those Americans who voted him into office and bypass the liberal media frenzy and work together for the good of our country. There were many just as upset when Obama was elected but were able to respect the democratic process. Stop inciting the violence they were so afraid of.

    1. Interesting question. He has done a few things that have been good for the country, but I still disagree with the way he has gone about them. He is very far from who I wish were leading our country, and I think he has been exceptionally divisive when we have desperately needed someone to bring the country together.

  21. Hi Brooke. I am reading this blog for the first time, but I wanted to let you know I have never had anyone put to words exactly how I feel about Donald Trump, until I read this. I too have had policy differences with presidents of the past, but NEVER have I doubted their ability to lead our nation and truly believe they had our best interests at heart! I only hope I can make it through 2 more years, and hope people have seen enough to vote him out! I heard you speak at Time Out today in Layton, and can see you are a humble, kind and “real” person. Thank you for your wonderful message and the sweet story of the faithful visiting teacher. I will strive to do better!!

    1. Hi Karen. Thank you SO much for your kind words about this post and about my talk at Time Out for Women. I so enjoyed being with you last Saturday. Your comments mean so much to me!!

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